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AFW has been organizing and leading highly successful international tours for collegiate football teams since 2014 and quickly become the leader in delivering the most authentic and most affordable foreign competition tours on the market.  Aligned with booking agencies, service providers and tour guides based in Europe and other countries to be visited, the experience of our AFW travelers is conceived with and delivered by those ‘closest to the action’.  Well thought out tour choices including locations to be visited, hotels, restaurants, meals and guides make AFW tours exceptionally authentic.  In addition, AFW travel partners have the knowledge and connections that deliver a high quality tour at the best pricing available.

AFW Director Jim Barnes works directly with college head coaches and/or staff liaisons for the foreign competition tour.  Being a former NCAA head coach, Jim fully understands the demands a college head coach faces and will take almost everything regarding the tour off of the head coach’s desk.  The tour planning, promotion, registration process and other preparations will all be streamlined and efficient to the benefit of the coach and his program.

Planning for a tour normally begins 12+ months before departure, but can be done the summer before a tour the following spring.  Prime tour times of year are immediately after spring final exams or graduation.  Occasionally teams will choose to travel over their spring beak period.  The winter holiday break period can potentially be considered to create a unique and special ‘bowl game’ effect.

In general, to travel a team approximately 30 team members are needed as a minimum.  We have traveled as many as 70 student-athletes as part of a team.  Staff members will be supported by AFW to serve both a coaching and chaperone role.  Generally all past tours have had family members of players and staff as part of the travel party.

For information on how your college team can experience the dynamic growth provided international travel and the thrill of international competition contact Jim Barnes and AFW at

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