American Football Worldwide seeks adventurous and ambitious young men who want to expand their potential by exploring the world while also experiencing the thrill of representing the USA in international competition. Families who value the unique education and self-growth international travel provides are attracted to this special opportunity. Our AFW ELITE TEAM members clearly return from our tours more self-assured and confident also seeing new potential for their future with expanded vision of what they can achieve in the world.

AFW and the young men who are ELITE TEAM members have exclusively “made history” in that all of their initial games were the very first between US high school players and that country’s national team. AFW initiated its programming with a high school select team tour to France in March of 2013. Along with touring Normandy, Paris and points in-between a team of high school players from across the United States bonded together and the AFW ELITE TEAM defeated a very talented national U19 team of France. In the succeeding years, AFW expanded its programming with tours to explore and competitions against the national best of Italy and Ireland as well, at times offering two spring-time tours. Unfortunately, the pandemic interrupted the 2020 season when games were scheduled in and rosters assembled for Italy and Spain tours.

AFW’s ELITE TEAM will resume programming in the early spring of 2022 with at least one overseas offering expected along with the possibility of a second adventure. Eligible players must be 19 or under during the year of travel. High school seniors and college freshmen will be prioritized. If permissible by the state association, high school juniors can be considered.



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